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Gesture Drawing Tips And Things To Avoid
  When you draw a figure it looks too stiff, or the proportions are way off? Or do you tend to focus on one part...
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36 Best Artist Sketchbooks To Buy in 2018
    What do artists have a lot of?   Ideas, creativity, patience?   YES!   But most importantly - SKETCHBOOKS!   It's never enough!...
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14 Best Figure Drawing Books for Beginners
Are you in a rush? No problem! Here is our best pick out of the 14 best figure drawing books: Why bother with figure drawing...
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Illustration Step By Step with Maria Luisa Di Gravio
  Process1: Vietnamese Boy - first illustration This was one of the proposals I made for a book cover. The story was about a boy...
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Best Sketchbook For Pen and Ink Drawings
Using pen and ink in your drawings looks amazing! Lots of people actually prefer using pens over other drawing methods, even though it might seem difficult....
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Maria Luisa Di Gravio – Freelance Illustrator from Rome (Interview # 25)
Welcome back to Artist Interview series! Today, it’s my pleasure to interview an amazing Illustrator from Rome – Maria Luisa Di Gravio! She is one...
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15 Unique Gifts For Graffiti Lovers
If you are looking for amazing and memorable gifts for graffiti lovers, we got you! It's not as complicated as you might think, they just...
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21 Best Free Acrylic Painting Lessons On Youtube
Hello guys, today I want to share with you my favorite free acrylic painting lessons on YouTube. I have a list of MANY great ones,...
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12 Best Cheap Drawing Tablets For Artists | Affordable Drawing Tablets
Does affordable always mean bad quality? No. And here are 12 best cheap drawing tablets and their reviews to prove it:   A good drawing...
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Dear Art Person, My name is Anna, but here I am simply Your Art Bud 🙂 


I come from a family where Art was always considered a job for homeless and poor people, however, it never stopped me from feeling that I need to have it in my life in order to be happy. 


 If you are an aspiring artist, you will find more than what you are looking for at Your Art Path.

On my blog, I write about all related art topics – tutorials for artists, best supplies, interviews, art books, gift ideas and resources for artists, which often includes the financial side to being an artist as well.

I’ve found that so many beginner and intermediate artists struggle with finding quality tutorials, staying inspired, getting out of art blocks and being overwhelmed by the amount of resources and supplies available to them, which is why my passion is to provide them with one go-to place where they can improve their art skills, find out what supplies and art books are worth their time, and get inspired by looking at other’s awesome art and reading interviews with artists.


One of the things my readers love most is that I come with an educational background – 4 years of University for BA in Illustration – and so when I review courses/supplies or give advice – they know I’ve been there, and know what I’m talking about through the extensive knowledge I’ve received.

And I would love for you to also check out the blog and see if you find it interesting. If you do, we have an email list that keeps you up to date with what’s going on at Your Art Path.


Without ART Earth is just Eh… So then let You and I live on the bright side of things 🙂

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