7 Day Drawing Challenge – The Ultimate Art Block Cure

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7 day drawing challenge art | how to fight art block | art block help artists | art block how to get rid ofLet’s be honest, being an artist in not always a blissful walk in the park!

And sometimes we get “Stuck” or feeling that “Artists Block”.

So what do we do? Wait for it to go away??

We can. Or we can take control over our art life and FIGHT IT!

So today, I call upon you to participate with me in my fun and short 7 Day Drawing Challenge!!!


Why drawing challenges are awesome

Drawing challenges help you get into the habit of drawing every day!
And once that habit is there – you will be mastering your skills all the time!
And if it’s a really good challenge – you will also be experimenting and learning a lot of new skills on the way 🙂

How can they help you fight art block

7 day drawing challenge art | how to fight art block | art block help artists | art block how to get rid of

Art block is all about feeling “stuck”, not having any new ideas of what to draw and not getting good results while drawing.
That’s why I created this email drawing challenge that gives you drawing ideas, helps you get “unstuck” with assignments that take you from basics to breaking-out of the Art Block.
After all, the worst thing you can do when getting the block is to stop drawing.
And I will send you an email every 24 hours that will give you a new challenge and remind you to draw!!

What you need to get started

  • An email address you can access every day
  • Dedication to this challenge
  • Any art supplies that you love using!

And you are all set!
Ready to get started??

Subscribe below to begin the Challenge!!!

Want to know more about it?

Let’s take a look at the first day’s challenge together 🙂

Day 1. Acceptance Stage!

7 day drawing challenge art | how to fight art block | art block help artists | art block how to get rid ofToday I want you to accept that you are going through some stuff.
Having an art block is nothing to worry about, and nothing to be ashamed off! I can guarantee that every single artist goes through this stage whether they know it or not.

And Art Blocks are sometimes cruel.
You try to create something beautiful and everything turns into mush! Of course you don’t want to draw after that terrible feeling of failure.
But I want you to take it all in – YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE !
You are an artist! And going through those art blocks is just a part of our journey.

So, since we are not filling creative during an art block – let’s use that time wisely and work on something that will help us out when we get out of the block.
Let’s study!

Because you don’t need your muse to be around for that! All you need is some discipline and guidance.
I’m here to guide, and I hope you are all set to organize yourself!

So today is all about creating a page or two full of studies on something you are not yet very confident with.

And to be honest, I’ve been drawing for a while, but most of the time I don’t feel confident in almost anything!

So, for today’s challenge you need to pick something and study the ins and outs of it!

Here are some ideas for inspiration: human/animal head, facial features, hands, feet, anatomy, hair styles, clothing types, folds and so on!

The point here is to make yourself do the hard work and to challenge yourself!
Don’t look for a beautiful picture – instead, try your best to make this day all about improving!

Inspiration for the day:

7 day drawing challenge art | how to fight art block | art block help artists | art block how to get rid of

What will you get?

If you subscribe to the email challenge you will also get a Checklist, an email with PDF file describing every day AND my personal art that I did for this challenge to get you inspired! 🙂

Also, a you will be able to join my Facebook Group and share your every day’s process with me in there!

I hope you are ready to get started now!!

Subscribe to the challenge below:


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