Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer Daria Golab (Interview #4)

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For this week’s interview, our guest is Daria Golab (1990) – an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Poland. She graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology with Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning.

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Anna (known here as Your Art Bud): I’m so happy that I have the chance to pick your brain a little about your art story! Glad to have you in here with us 🙂

Daria Golab: Thanks so much for having me, I’m super happy to answer some questions!

Animation by Daria Golab

A: At what age have you started making art and what motivated you to keep going?
D: As probably most of the artists always say, I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil.
As boring as it sounds, I’ve been drawing and talking about art and dreaming of being an artist since I remember. And because of that constant interest, my mom took me to the first art classes when I was around 8.
I’ve had ups and downs, I was trying different things, I’ve stopped drawing for a while when I tried to commit to dancing but I always came back to art, I just couldn’t live without it. And that was probably my motivation, it was something that always made me happy and that I was any good at.
Art also helped me deal with my emotions, especially during angsty teenage years.
I always came back to art, I just couldn’t live without it. – Daria Golab

sketches by Daria Golab

A: I see you have a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning – what pushed you to start making illustrations instead?

D: Ahh yes, I have a master’s degree in architecture which might’ve been the worst decision in my life, I can’t decide yet.

I was always really bad at thinking for myself and I was bombarded with “you can’t survive as an artist in this world” by everyone around while trying to figure out what I want or rather should do in life.

It was a calculated decision, I tried to pick a career path that was a normal, predictable and steady job with something artistic to it. Architecture seemed like an obvious choice, plus I was actually really interested in it.

But oh well, it has bitten me when I started working in the industry. It wasn’t the world for me, I didn’t feel good, I think the scale of it all was just too much.

I realized that the most fun I had with all university and job projects was the visual part. So I’ve dropped everything I knew, I’ve turned my life around and decided to at least try doing what I really love, which is illustration, art and graphic design.

And here I am now, still trying:)

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Daria Golab Art

A: Do you think in order to become an illustrator you need to go to an art school?
D: I didn’t go to art school and my view on it is very subjective and based on my very little experience. (Also an important factor that shaped my view is the fact that in Poland, university education is free for everyone).
Anyone who is interested in it and motivated enough can become an illustrator or an artist without art degree, there are countless examples all around the world. But it takes much more strength and guts to make it.
I think in modern times when all knowledge we can dream of is available at the tips of our fingers (ahh the mighty internet) the most important thing that Art school can give is people, connections, and insights into the industry. And that’s what is, in my opinion, the hardest part of this “career”.
So I actually regret not going to art school but I also know that not having an art degree can’t stop me from pursuing this path.
The most important thing that Art school can give is people, connections, and insights into the industry. – Daria Golab
 Daria Golab Art


A: I love the feel of your illustrations! Do you feel happy about your current style? How did you develop it?
D: Thank you very much! To be honest, I’ve been struggling with style forever. And again, probably most artists say that:)
I don’t feel like I have a consistent style, it’s always changing because I’m always trying to find something that I am 100% happy with. And I never am! I’m constantly developing it by experiments and trying different techniques, asking myself what I enjoy most and where I want to get with it.
I’m coming to a point where I think my style is just constant change, I have too many techniques that I love, and to many things to try. And maybe settling on a particular style would be kind of an end of a journey, that I’m actually not sure I want to end.
 Daria Golab Art
A: What are your favorite tools that you use when making art?
D: Well, I think I have too many favorite tools and it’s probably visible in my art. On top of the list is good old pencil, because I feel most comfortable with it but I rarely use it for other things than just sketches.
The second will probably be ink, in any form, fineliners, dip pens, brush pens. Recently I fell in love with gouache and I’m trying to incorporate it more in my works. Digital also jumped quite high on the list recently but my heart is still closer to traditional.
Honestly, any tool I have around, I’ll use sooner or later!

Buried in flowers Art by Daria Golab

A: How long does it take for you to finish one art piece? And how many hours per week do you draw on average?

D: Finishing an artwork can take me anywhere from a few hours a day to even a month.

I tend to do very detailed works or turn simple illustration ideas into animations which takes lots of time. When it comes to how much I draw, it depends on many things. How much work I have, what mental state I’m in.

Sometimes I draw all day, and sometimes I have to go a few days without even a tiny sketch. On a good week, It can be even 60+ hours of making art. Basically, I try my best to draw every day for a few hours.


Animation by Daria Golab
A: Do you have any tips for newbie artists on how to start selling their art or how did you sell your first art piece?

D: Oh, that’s a tough one. Because the moment we start thinking about our art in terms of selling it, it loses a big part of freedom and spontaneity.

Once an artwork is sold, there is an urge to do more “sellable” works based on that first one, and getting into this train of thought is what can ultimately kill pure passion for making art.

I don’t really have any tip on selling works, maybe just, don’t do art with intention of selling it, do art for you, do what you love and show it to people. With time you’ll find the audience that loves what you do, or rather the audience will find you and maybe that’s when you’ll start selling works that were made out of pure passion.

First sold artworks are usually thanks to family/friends/friends of friends and I can’t remember my first one but it was definitely someone from that circle.


Hunter Art by Daria Golab
A: Who are your top favorite artists?

D: Because of social media I have so many artists I follow and admire, so it’s a very difficult to pick!

Maybe I’ll start with classics. Salvador Dali was one of my first obsessions in art and I still admire his works. Gustav Klimt, Mark Rothko, that’s first names that come to my mind.

When it comes to modern art and young artists: João Ruas, Benjamin Björklund, Henrik Uldalen, Sachin Teng, Meghan Howland, Teagan White, Karolis Strautniekas, Sainer, Aryz and so many other names that I’ll probably later regret I didn’t think of putting here:)

Daria Golab Art
A: What is your most favorite quote?

D: I don’t think I have one. There are constantly so many thought going through my head that nothing stays long enough to become a favorite.

I also go through so many books, stories, songs, poems, movies that there is just a ramble of all beautiful things I’ve seen or heard constantly in my head.


A: Anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

D: Maybe just thank you so much for giving me a chance to talk a bit about what I do! It’s always a pleasure and a big honor to know that

people enjoy my art. I am very passionate about sharing knowledge and helping fellow artists on their way up so I’m always happy to answer questions!


A: Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful story with us! And I’m sure that many of our readers will get motivated by it 🙂 I wish you the best of luck in your work! <3



What’s your favorite piece by Daria Golab? Comment down below 🙂


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Good luck on Your Art Path,

– Your Art Bud!  😉



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