Drawing Ink Supplies You Need To Try in 2018 (+Reviews)

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Drawing in Ink is always fun, it’s a bold medium that forces you to think before putting down a line (since there is not much you can do after the ink is placed on paper). In this short post, I will go over the essential ink supplies you need to try in 2018!

Let’s begin 🙂

Drawing Ink Supplies You Need in 2018
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Working In Ink

Ink is a very appealing medium that requires a certain skill and practice. It is very different from a pencil that you can erase or a digital painting where you can use layers and Ctrl+Z to redo when made a mistake. With ink, once a mark is down there is no going back. It is inks’ strength that could scare away anyone who is not very familiar with working in inks.

Ink is also great for practicing art skills, once you can perform well with this tool, it gets easier when using other tools!

I remember my first time deciding to participate in Inktober (a 30-day ink drawing challenge that happens in October every year) , and that was in 2015. I was pretty scared trying out a new medium, but also very excited! I spent 30 days creating pieces with ink, and it was one of my best practice experiences! I learned so much!

I wish at that time I had a list of supplies I could choose from, but I didn’t. I got to experiment with a variety of things I could use, and now I would like to share my list of ink supplies with you 🙂 Hope you like some of them and give ink drawing a chance! Have fun 😉


Ink Drawing Supplies To Try
Fan Art of Aria From Game of Thrones
Ink Drawing Supplies To Try
Fan Art Of Brother Bear by Walt Disney Pictures
Ink Drawing Supplies To Try
Personal Project


List Of Ink Supplies You Should Try In 2018


1. Ink

My Top Pick is Winson & Newton Black Indian Ink

I have used many brands prior to this, but I find that Winson and Newton suits my needs the best!


  • Thick. It is much easier to work with than some other brands since I can dilute it at any time, but if the ink is not thick enough there is not much you can do to make it thicker!
  • Brilliant. It has a rich and silky quality to it that I enjoy very much when applying ink to paper.
  • Dries Fast. I love that it dries so quickly since I am pretty clumsy with my work, and sometimes I would put my hand on top of my drawing and smudge it if the ink is not dry! I don’t experience much of this problem with these inks.


  • Dries Fast. This quality has two sides to it. The fact that it dries fast means that you must work fast with your drawing, and I could see how that would be a problem for some people.
  • Separates Fast. The ink separates fast, which means that you should shake the bottle well before and during usage.

Overall, I would give it 4.5 Stars and would definitely recommend! So far it’s by far my favorite Ink medium, but if you have any other suggestions please let me know 🙂

So go ahead and check out some more reviews and ideas about this ink HERE, where you can also purchase it if you like.


2. Ink Fine Line Pens

 My go to is definitely Pigma Micron Ink Fine Line Pens 

These pens are absolutely amazing if you don’t like the regular way of using ink with a nib. They are also easy to have by your side at any time and they allow you to work with very precise line thicknesses !


  • Transportable. These pens are great to take with you wherever you go. They make it so easy to practice with ink on a bus/subway or at school ;). It would be much harder and messier to have to carry a bottle of ink and a bunch of nibs. So, if you like working on the go and keeping things clean- they are the way to go!
  • Smooth, Consistent and Opaque. These pens do wonders if you are going for a clean and consistent look! And if you want some variation in your lines – there is always the brush pen (the last on the image above) with which you can easily achieve the “traditional” stroke variety look!


  • Some people have had troubles with pens leaking. I personally never had any trouble with them whatsoever, but it is a little complaint out there. I would say this – sometimes even regular writing pens leak, but out of so many you have used in your life, there were only probably a handful of those. I feel like the same goes for these pens as well. It might happen but in a very rare case.

Overall, I think that some manufacturer’s mistakes could’ve happened that cause some of them to leak. However, I’ve never personally had any problems with those pens, and I love being able to always have them nearby! I will give them a 5 Star Rating as I am super satisfied with them!

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So, I recommend checking these pens out and getting to try them out for yourself right HERE.

If you just want to try one for yourself before getting a set, you can always get just one pen here.


3. Nibs and Nib Holders

Speedball Lettering & Drawing Round Pen Nibs

A long time ago people used to write by dipping a feather in ink. We have evolved from those times, and now there are ink pens like the ones above and a variety of nib and nib holders for those artists who want to take full control of their drawings and experiment with ink application.

Nibs vary in shape, mount size, tip size, material and flexibility. Nib holders vary in shape and material.

I will be honest, I have only tried a couple of brands for nibs and nib holders of different value ranges, but I always keep going back to Speedball Lettering & Drawing Round Pen Nibs B Style (set of 6).


  • A Set. The nibs and nib holder comes as a set, so you won’t have to browse around looking for separate nibs and nib holders that work nicely together.
  • Great for Beginners. With such a great price point and good quality! As well as if you are just trying to experiment and see if you want to ever use nibs in your artworks 🙂


  • Not the best out there. But again, for the price point, they work much better than you can imagine.

Overall, my rating of this product will be 4 Stars. As it is not the best out there, but for the money you pay you get a pretty amazing quality and it works wonders!

Check it out and get your set HERE.


4. Drawing Paper

The drawing surface is a very important factor in how your final illustration will look. Some people prefer smooth paper, some textured. I think it really depends on the outcome you are going for. Smooth paper(less tooth/texture) will give you the ability to create more precise linework, while as a textured paper has the ability to let ink bleed around just a little and creates very nice textures within your piece!

Here are some of my Top Paper Types for Ink Drawings:

Mixed Media Paper:

  • My Top Pick is Strathmore 300 Series Mixed Media PadIt’s a sketchpad I personally use for my Ink drawings, Acrylic Paintings and Markers. I love. how it has a bit of a tooth and allows me to play around with different textures.

Watercolor Paper:

Bristol Board:

  • My Top Pick is Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth Pad. It’s a heavy-weight paper pad that is ideal for pen and ink! If you are planning to take your ink drawing to the next level, this paper will help you out greatly!


5. Brush Pen

Brush Pens are simply awesome! They give you the hand-rendered quality with varying opacity and stroke widths as does a nib, but they have the ink already inside them, so you won’t have to worry about carrying a bottle of ink with you everywhere you go!

Here are my top two brush pens:

Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Medium


Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker

This one has two sides – a brush tip and a marker tip. Pretty awesome to experiment with using both at the same time! I usually use the marker tip for coloring in bigger shapes.

6. Other Materials

There are many more materials I could include in this post. However, I decided to keep it pretty short and focus on my most important and favorite ink tools! In case you were wondering what else I use while working with Ink, here are some more supplies I always have by my side:

My favorite brand to use from colored pencils is Prismacolor! I find the colors to be vibrant and easy to sketch with!

I like to use those as an underlayer beneath my ink drawing. I love using red and blue pencils since if I scan my image in later, it is very easy to get rid of those colors and be left with just the ink drawing.

Get them in your local art store or HERE!

* You can see my fan art ink drawing at the top for “Brother Bear” by Walt Disney Pictures which has the blue pencil showing through. I really enjoy the aesthetics it gives to my pieces!


I absolutely adore this type of erasers! If you didn’t know, they are kind of like plasticine! You can shape them to whatever form you like in order to create some cool textures on your pieces, or to shape it to a very tiny point and erase little details from your art! If you haven’t yet, try them out by clicking HERE.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference those guys make in the final stage of your artwork creation! My final step in adding details to my piece would be done with this cool tool! You can use it to add highlights, make textures and even mask mistakes in some cases! Get them HERE!


So there it is ! We are all done with our list of supplies! I hope you check out some of them, and if you have already let us know in the comments below your thoughts on these supplies!

Just to summarize, Here is a List of my TOP 6+ Drawing Ink Supplies:


  1. Winson & Newton Black Indian Ink
  2. Pigma Micron Ink Fine Line Pens 
  3. Speedball Lettering & Drawing Round Pen Nibs
  4. Strathmore 300 Series Mixed Media Pad and Winsor & Newton Cotman 200-Pound Water Colour Cold Press and Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Smooth Pad
  5. Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Medium and Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker
  6. Prismacolor Colored Pencils and Kneaded Eraser and White Gel Pen


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Stay Inspired!

-Your Art Bud 😉


  1. Joe

    Thank you so much for this wonderful list of ink related products. I am not into drawing, also not into ink, but wife is. And whenever I start looking for an ink-related gift, I simply get lost.

    Your list is awesome and I will bookmark it, so I can always get back to it, when I need a gift for her. The Bristol Smooth pad is f.e. the paper I will get for her next time…bought some other no-name paper from a craftshop which they advertised especially for ink, but she said then, it is much to thin and it is unused in her drawer. Guess with the Bristol Pad chances are bigger.

    She has also the Pigma Micron Ink fine line pens…and she is using them a lot…no leakages at all…so the negative reviews might be from a faulty batch.

    Thanks again…your post is a life-saver for me 🙂

    1. YourArtBud

      Thank you so much for stopping by Joe!!

      I agree with the Pigma Micron Inks – they are my absolute favourite! Never had any leeks whatsoever, so when I was putting this all together and found a couple of people complain I was very surprised myself… I am trying to give the most honest reviews as possible, so I decided to include this con as well..

      Anyway, if your wife is so into inks, I’m sure she will love any of these supplies :))

      Good luck !

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