i heard you like them?
I do too!

So here is a quick overview:

7 Day Email Drawing Challenge


Sound Familiar? I know... That's why I created this challenge, so we can fight Art Block Together!


An email a day keeps your art block away! And I'll be sending you one EVERY DAY for 7 days!


The best part is - the challenges I created will also help you improve your art skills 😉

Breaking Free

And by the end of this 7 day challenge you will break free from feeling "stuck"

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Something for Procreate Artists


My absolute favorite app to create digital paintings on iPad with!

20 Tips

A PDF file I wrote with 20 things I wish I knew and did with this app.

2 hair brushes

I love making Procreate Brushes, and I want to share my 2 favourite hair brushes with you 🙂

More Stuff to come

I always use Procreate, and when I make new freebies I'll let you know ASAP

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6+ Other Goodies


Guides, Printables, Templates, Exercise Sheets, Checklists and so on...

Figure Drawing Tips

Which ended up being a long PDF Guide!


My favorite "Month by Month" Planner, as well as "How to Draw Lips" Exercise sheets for beginners


Do You Really Know How To Draw? The Ultimate Printable Checklist to keep you accountable!

And so much more

Time out of time I create Freebies that are not related to each other. So you never know what I will send you next!

freeebies for artist | figure drawing tips | how to draw lips | drawing checklist

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That's All For Now

But I'll be creating more, so make sure you don't miss out!

And if you found these useful, be sure to share this page with your artsy friends!

They will thank you later 😉