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Here at the main goal is to share knowledge and inspiration with fellow artists and art enthusiasts! If you have any benefiting information please email it to 


When to propose your blog ideas:

  • it’s your inspiring/ motivational/ inspirational story;
  • useful tips, tricks, and knowledge you want to share;
  • your personal tutorials, step-by-steps, and progress;
  • recommendations on art supplies, art books or magazines;
  • or pretty much any other fun art-related things that are your own ! 🙂

Please Don’t:

  • Plagiarize from other sources!
  • Send artworks from other artist’s without their agreement!


We are all here to enjoy a good time while sharing what we love the most – art, and together we can build an awesome community! <3


P.S. I will get back to you as soon as I can! I will also try to help you out with the writing – but you get all the credit 🙂