Winsor and Newton Acrylic Paint Review

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About Winsor and Newton

” In 1832 chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton brought together the knowledge of the scientist and the creativity of the artist to offer an unprecedented choice of colour, clarity and permanence to fine artists. “

(Credit: Winsor & Newton official website – )

This brand received a lot of awards and is well known around the world since the beginning of their creation.

They are committed to creating top-quality products, open to innovations and creativity!


Who Are The Paints For?

These paints are great for beginners and advanced artists alike. They are affordable great quality paints that are constantly being upgraded, tested and improved.

Here is a very short video by Winsor & Newton themselves:

(you don’t really need to watch it, I just find the last few seconds of it very satisfying for my artistic soul 😉 )


Pros And Cons of the Winsor and Newton Acrylic Paint

Here is an example of their acrylic paint set : Winsor & Newton 2190517 Galeria Acrylic Paint 10 Tube Set, 
Winsor and Newton Acrylic Paint Review
  • Constantly being upgraded and improved;
  • Many years of development;
  • Proven quality over many years starting at 1832;
  • They have 80 different colors you can purchase separately in tubes! ( At the time of counting on December 2017);
  • Rich and vibrant colors;
  • You can leave them on a palette without them drying out for up to 30 minutes (the place I work at is not very dry, so the number may vary in your studio);
  • There aren’t any visible (to my eye) color shifts from when you first apply the paint to when it dries out. (I had many unpleasant accidents with some other brands when I would apply a color like light orange, and it would dry up much darker than the original!);
  • Available in almost every art store and online. ( I usually get mine from here);
  • Great balance between their quality and price. They keep the paints affordable (which is awesome for an art student like me) while delivering to the best expectations;
  • Thick paint. (Which makes it way easier to work with, since you can dilute paint at any time, but you can’t do much to make the paint thicker);
  • Applies to canvas smoothly;
  • Easy to mix;
  • Easy to clean up after a messy usage;


  • Winsor and Newton Acrylic Paint Products Review | Galleria | Professional A usual 10-tube set doesn’t include cyan, which makes it hard to mix high-intensity pinks that I love using in my work. However, if you are not a big fan of intense pinks, then this is not something you should worry about. This con also applies only if you want to purchase a whole set of colors like I do. Fixing this con is pretty easy, I usually go ahead and purchase some of their colors separately. My favorite so far is called Permanent Rose.;
  • If you uncarefully close the car with some paint left on it, it gets almost impossible (unless you are a Hulk) to open them up! Not really a con for this particular brand, but just something that does happen to me often with every brand (yes, my bad, I know). For it not to happen, try to make sure there is no paint on the top of the tube before you close it, but if this situation happened then try using a towel or call your superhero friend for help 😉 ;



Additional Resources

When I paint with acrylics, there are always some things I’m missing, and it gets very annoying at times.

I would be in the middle of creating a piece, and then I realize that all my white paint is almost gone!

And it would take me like 2 days with Amazon Prime to get it delivered to my home!

Nothing ruins my inspiration as much as having to wait for supplies, so here is what I get right away:


There is always that one or two colors that run out super quickly, and it’s usually white!

Mixing colors often requires A LOT of it, and so I recommend getting an extra large tube and just creating art in piece! Here is my pick: Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Color Tube, 500ml, Titanium White:

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint, 500ml bottle, Titanium White
151 Reviews
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint, 500ml bottle, Titanium White
  • High pigment strength, opacity & permanence for professional results; Economical & versatile
  • Series: 1/Color Code: 644/Color Index: PW6
  • Permanence: AA/Opacity: Opaque
  • Includes a 16.9oz/500ml tube of Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Color

500 ml might sound like a lot, but when we are talking about paint just trust me – it’s not!

You will find yourself ordering another one with a new set of paints!

There have been times when I had an idea for a piece, inspiration and paints, but I had no canvas to work on!
Of course, I could use some regular sketchbook, but I really hate worrying about the paper making funny folds because of water and paint.
My resolution to this problem is simply always having a pad of canvas paper!
I absolutely LOVE the Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Paper:
Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Pad, 16'x20' Glue Bound, 10 Sheets
15 Reviews
Strathmore 300 Series Canvas Pad, 16"x20" Glue Bound, 10 Sheets
  • This item is 16x20 canvas paper pad 10/pad
  • This item is acid free
  • This item is manufactured in United States
It’s great for any painting medium! I usually tape it to a wooden board and get to work!
If I decide to put it up later, I can always stretch it out on canvas!
I also use this pad for my oil paintings!


Note: Looking for an actual sketchbook instead? Check out 36 Best Artist Sketchbooks To Buy in 2018  and  5 Best Personalized Leather Sketchbook Deals
Retarder is an additive to your paint that slows down the drying time of it!
This little thing works wonders when you take your sweet time painting 😉
The one I use on a daily basis is Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Medium Fluid Retarder:
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Medium Fluid Retarder, 250ml
66 Reviews
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Medium Fluid Retarder, 250ml
  • For extending the drying and working time of acrylic colors
  • Small amounts will allow for extended blending and manipulation
  • Does not contain sufficient acrylic resin to act as additional binder and should be used only in the amount needed to achieve the desired effect
Love the quality and the fact that it’s very affordable!


Note: If you would like to learn more about retarders, which ones are awesome and why you would want to use them, I’m currently working on a blog post for it, so make sure to subscribe to my email list and you will get notified when the article is published.

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  2. Claire

    Hey, love the banner/header at the top. Very colourful and related to your topic.

    I did a bit of art when I was in high school, and my favourite medium was spray paint. I was always captivated by graffiti. I once did a piece for a smaller project and used acrylic, and if I remember rightly, it was this exact brand. The thing I struggled most with, was finding another medium to use alongside it. I tried incorporating everything from ink to watercolour with no success. In the end I think I ended up using chalk.

    Is there a medium that compliments the acrylic well that you would recommend?

    1. YourArtBud

      Hello Claire,

      Thank you for the compliment!

      When I use acrylic, I usually just stick with one medium. 

      However I did a few pieces using acrylic together with oil paint. I like using acrylics for an underpainting, and then go on top of it with oils 🙂 Since oils take longer to dry, and acrylic is pretty fast – it’s great for sketching out the composition!

      For another project, after I was semi-done with my acrylic painting, I let it dry, and then went on top of it with coloured pencils and ink pens – to add textures and details! It worked great as well 🙂

      Experimenting is fun! Try everything and let us know what works 😉

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