Step-by-Step Art #1

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This week we will be looking at Step-by-Step Art Process featuring Kevin Hong!  He is a contemporary illustrator based in New York and a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. You can read more about him in our weekly interviews session “Artist Interview #1 – Featuring Kevin Hong”.

Below you will see process GIFs published Kevin’s Tumblr website :



It seems like Kevin’s process goes something like this :

Basic composition and anatomy sketches -> finished linework -> texture -> base colours -> details -> shadows -> more details -> colour corrections.

Check them out for yourself – very inspiring progress shots!

I’ll mention a few things that you should notice about them along the way 🙂

  • Dark but beautiful piece we got here!

Notice how the sword leads your eye to the sword holder, which then takes you to the hand and back to the sword! Keeps viewers’ eyes moving around the image 🙂



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  • clever use of perspective rules/guides. Notice the detailed shadows!


  • in this artwork Kevin first figured out the tones in black and white – and then put colour on top of it. Also, so many details! Lovely 🙂


  • going from basic thumbnail sketch on a piece of paper – to a detailed beautiful piece. Again, notice the shadows on the stairs created by nature from the above. Things like this one is what brings the artwork together!


  • lighting plays a big role in defining the mood of your piece, and Kevin does that very well by having multiple light sources.


  • notice the clever composition in this piece!


  • the way bird’s wings are cut off makes the composition very strong!


  • color of the lines is red instead of the usual black we have seen so far, which adds to the mood of this art piece.

*all the comments regarding his process work are based on what I notice, and not from artist’s words.


That was fun! Did you like looking at the progress shots? Do you think my comments are useful or should I let you simply do your thing? What strong points did you notice about these pieces?

If you enjoyed Kevin Hong’s works, check out “Artist Interview #1 – Featuring Kevin Hong”. , where he shares his art story, tips and inspirations with us 🙂

Good luck on Your Art Path,

– Your Art Bud!  😉

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