How To Art – 7 Beginner Steps to Improve Your Drawings

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7 Beginner Steps To Take That Will Help You Improve
You Can Save Me To Pinterest!


Did you see an awesome drawing somewhere on the web or have a friend who is amazing at drawing and now you want to learn?


You are in the right spot!


I can promise that if you use all the tips mentioned here – you will see major improvements in no time!


Just picture being able to sit down and enjoy quality time with yourself while creating something beautiful that you can show off!

Sounds awesome?


That’s what I thought!

Here is a list of Top 7 things you can do to reach your goals:

1. Get the right Supplies.

Nothing fancy! A pencil, an eraser, and a sharpener will do (or a mechanical pencil). If you want to go for it – also get markers! They are comfortable and fun to use. When I was starting out – I would first draw everything with a pencil (lot’s of erasing, trust me), and then I would go on to go over the lines with a pen or a marker! It’s really fun and looks great at the end – I still do it! :))

2. Lot’s of Paper.

Don’t buy expensive paper and cherish every sheet! All you need is A4 Printing paper that you can buy for cheap considering how many sheets there are! If something doesn’t work out just throw out the paper and start again. Being messy and chaotic is fun – and it also boosts creativity levels !)

7 Beginner Steps To Take That Will Help You Improve
You Can Save Me To Pinterest!
3. Find a Reference.

You imagined something great in your head and want to put it down on paper… After a few hours, you realize that it’s a piece of  nothing that you expected and you give up saying, “I don’t have talent.” Oh, but you don’t know that even experienced artists use reference images ALL THE TIME!

Before you learn how to draw from your head you need to pick it apart by studying. There are a lot of  FREE great websites that have stock images you can use!

Just to name a few:




and much more!

Also, you can just grab a camera and take a few pictures yourself – then use them for learning 🙂

And if you are planning to sell your artworks after, you can also check out the DepositPhotos Website for a lot of great references!

4. Break Down the Image.

You’ve got the supplies and the reference photo – what now? Where do you start?


The 1st thing you need to do is to break down the image to a few simple forms! It’s easy – whatever shape you see – draw it. Squint your eyes if you need to – we are not here to look at all the curves, but just straight lines and right angles. Then after you are sure with the proportions you can slightly erase the shapes and go over with more defined lines now looking at curves and some more details!

Here I’ve created a little image just for you to show you exactly what I mean by it:



7 Beginner Steps To Improve Your Drawing
You Can ave Me To Pinterest!



5. Learn Shading Techniques.

Shading is important as it defines the volume, lighting, and texture of your art!

There are a lot of videos and articles about it, so I won’t get into details, but instead, will embed a video that I think explains this subject very well:

Useful Resources:

6. Consistency is the key to success!

To become good at anything you have to do it consistently! Working out, cooking, singing etc.. Art is no different! If you want to see results – put away 15 minutes a day and just draw. Every day. For 15 minutes. Can you do that? If yes, then it’s the beginning to your mastery in art <3

7. Don’t be afraid and Have Fun!
7 Beginner Steps To Take That Will Help You Improve
You Can Save Me To Pinterest!


Even an amazing artist starts out as an amateur! Don’t compare yourself to your favorite artists, but compare your skills today with the ones you had yesterday – do that every day and you will see your improvements! Keep in mind your artists as a goal that you can reach and then get even better than they are 🙂

You are starting off on an amazing path! Good luck to you all 🙂


Feel free to Pin these artworks to your Pinterest boards for future inspirations! 🙂






Good luck with your creations!

– Your Art Bud 😉

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    1. YourArtBud

      Any space is fine to be honest! When I just started out I was painting on the floor(not recommended) of my small room I shared with my sister!! Now upgraded to my own room and bought an easel!
      The point is, as long as you are motivated – nothing will stop you!
      Thanks for stopping by,
      -Your Art Bud 🙂

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