Soft Pastel Drawings for Beginners

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Pastel Drawing

What are Soft Pastels and The Benefits of Using Them?

Pastels are essentially a mix of pigment, chalk and a binder that together form a thick paste. Then the paste is put in form of sticks and is allowed to dry. There are multiple benefits of using pastels:

  • bright colours
  • works in layers
  • allows spontaneousness
  • can produce a realistic drawing
  • can be combined with other mediums (oil, watercolor, acrylics etc.)

What Materials Should I get?


1. Faber-Castell Creative Studio (72 pastel crayons)
* click here to read more


2. Talens Rembrandt (30 half stick set)

* click here to read more

3. Mungyo Pastels (64 square chalk soft pastels)
* click here to read more


1.  Strathmore Assorted Color Pastel Paper Pad ( 9″ x 12″, White Tone, 24 Sheets )
 * click here to read more


2.  CANSON Mi-Teintes Pastel Pad ( 12 x 16″, Gray Tone, 24 Sheets )

* click here to read more

3.  Strathmore ArtAgain Drawing Paper Pad ( 12 by 18″, Black Tone, 24 Sheets )
 * click here to read more


Where do I Start? Step by Step Guide:

Before you begin, it is a good idea to look at masters’ drawings. You can simply search on Google, Pinterest, Tumblr (or whatever you prefer) for some professional pastel drawings. This way you know what style you personally like and what the finished piece should look like.

1. Find a reference photo.

2. Create a rough sketch.

(You can find more information on how to create a proportional realistic sketch for beginners here or simply click on this link:

3. Fill in the basic colors. (you can smudge them with a brush or your hands if you want – depending on what style you are going for)

4. Next layer will be more color – but now you can look at smaller and smaller shapes. Start with a big idea and lower it down with each layer.

5. Start adding details.

6. You Are Done! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty – it’s a messy but very fun process!

Books To Help You Learn Faster and More Efficient:

For the price of 3 Starbucks lattes, you can get yourself an amazing gift! The book will be your best guide and you will see how fast you improve :)) Hope you find one that you like! And if not, there are many more you can choose from!

Top YouTube Tutorials on Soft Pastel:

  • Learn the differences between different kinds of pastels; find out what they are made out of; different techniques on using them in the A Beginner’s Guide to Soft Pastels” by


  • Follow an experienced artist while he draws and Apple using Soft pastels. It’s a great video to work along with as it goes in real-time speed! A lot of tricks to learn along the way! 🙂 The video’s name is “How To Begin Painting With Soft Pastels?” by Sennelier Colors



  • Also, you can simply get inspired by watching this speed-up process video of how Leontine draws a galaxy! Gets me goose bumps all the time (nice music choice!). Drawing a galaxy with soft pastels | Leontine van Vliet” by Leontine van Vliet :


I truly hope you learned something interesting here or at least enjoyed the videos! 🙂 Pastels are different from other mediums, but once you practice and learn – your drawings will become unbelievably beautiful!!

Is there anything I didn’t mention here that you would be interested in reading about? If so, let me know! Also, feel free to share your own personal soft pastel works in the comments below – to be seen and to inspire others!

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Good luck on Your Art Path,

– Your Art Bud!  😉


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